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Socks to be proud about

Hanging around

with Equilaterals


Zooming in on Scaled's pattern


debating whether to ollie across the rooftops

The water isn't clean

But those socks sure are


I received a pair as a birthday present - and they are the most comfortable socks I have worn. The patterns are awesome! I can't wait to wear them with a business suit....they will surely be the conversation!

Brian McGinnis

These socks made me run faster so I am in love with them!!

Alec Goffard, tracklete

My Rosettas are perfect no matter the occasion. Whether I'm grabbing an iced caramel macchiato, lounging with my corgi, or devoting all of my energy to a round of Mario Party- I know that my ankles are undoubtedly looking their best!

Sydney Pauling

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